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The Woman of Influence allows God to use her for a purpose higher than herself, lives the fullest version of her life, is independent of the good opinion of others and walks her talk while changing the lives of everyone she touches.

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No One has All the Answers Now

It's not a good time to look to anyone for answers pertaining to your life except yourself.
Spiritual teachers often teach us that the answers are all within us. And it's true.⠀

All the great solutions to your problems came through you.
Haven't you experienced that moment when a great idea passed through your mind?⠀

Singapore is going to be "lock down" starting Tuesday and school will be closed from Wednesday for a month.
It's pointless to point fingers at the government or leaders why they didn't do or that. On hindsight could they have done better?⠀

But remember, we're all going through this for the first time.

We're in very extremely unchartered territories.

It's time we learn to be comfortable with ourselves and break unhealthy patterns that keeps us stuck.

We're given a rare opportunity where we're collection evolving together! This isn't a mass pandemic but rather a mass awakening happening AT THE SAME TIME.

Of course again we're given freewill so the choice is still yours - what you do with your time.⠀
If you're feeling lost, let yourself be lost and feel the lost.
As Rumi said, what you're seeking is also seeking you.
And the Bible also said, God wants us to have His Kingdom more than we want it for ourselves.This is the time to really dive and dig deeper into your life purpose.

On a soul level, we're here at this specific time to experience this massive cosmic growth.⠀ ⠀

No other times in history where this evolution at this magnitude is happening at the same time. No one knows for sure what the future holds but one is for sure, we can decide to raise our consciousness and evolve or repeat the lessons.

The old paradigm is literally breaking down right before our eyes.

It's up to us now to decide what kind of future do we want to live in. We can definitely change and heal the world in ONE GENERATION.
I'm extremely excited about the New World birthing right before our eyes.
Remember the birth process is painful and bloody. But the baby is so worth it!⠀

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