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The Woman of Influence allows God to use her for a purpose higher than herself, lives the fullest version of her life, is independent of the good opinion of others and walks her talk while changing the lives of everyone she touches.

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You're Not Supposed to Know all the Answers Right Now

There's really no need to be a rush to get "there" or want to know all the answers right now.

By now, hopefully you should have worked out how life works.⠀

There's a Divine Timing in everything and what I've discovered is that how fast or slow things start to happen and manifest depends on us.⠀

The more you rush the longer it takes.⠀


Photo Credit Trent Haaland.

Because your dominant energy is focused on what you don't have.

And the Law of Attraction responds to your dominant energy.⠀

The solution is really to surrender and chill out.

You don't want something that you already have.⠀

And so the Divine Invitation is for us to believe and trust and to release the resistance towards the things we want.

God knows you want it and He wants you to have it.

But He can't give you if you're not ready for it.

Think about it.

Are you really ready to receive what you say you want?⠀

Really. Think about it.⠀

You may think you're ready. But if you're, then why is it not happening for you?

No. It's not that you're unlucky or cursed.

I've been doing more soul searching these days and that's really the Work we're supposed to do anyway.

We're Human Beings. Not human doings.⠀

๐Ÿคน‍♀️We're here to experience life. And if don't know who we truly are, how're we going to experience life?

We're not here to suffer that's for sure.

So why do we bring it upon ourselves to suffer?⠀

This is a crucial answer you need to find out.

There're benefits to suffering more than thriving.⠀

Remember our brains are wired to avoid pain and go towards pleasure.

So what's your pleasure in suffering and pain in thriving?⠀

Dig deeper for the answers.

๐Ÿ™‹‍♀️P.S. Ready to stop the struggle, end the effort of trying & have ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE?

You're just ONE decision away from living the life of your dreams.⠀

Tell me what you want and I'll show you how to attract it effortlessly - hustle not needed.⠀

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You know you've gifts and talents that can make a difference in the world. You know you're here for a reason so it's time to get your name out there and stop being God's best secret.

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