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Why You Need to Take Personal Responsibility?

πŸ“…So. July is here and July brings in more no nonsense energy.⠀ ⠀

πŸ™‹‍♀️Can you feel it?⠀

I can certainly feel it and on top of that Mercury Retrograde started today 8th July Monday.

Many people are afraid of the Mercury Retrograde season but I suspect they're just using it as an excuse not to take action and just want to blame something.⠀

This isn't taking personal responsibility. 

Photo Credit Brandon Hoogenboom.

I've learned to love it because it'll definitely bring up a lot of "stuff" for me to work on.

It's uncomfortable for sure but I'd rather be uncomfortable for a short period of time than my entire lifetime.⠀

Time has accelerated and it's accelerating because in the higher dimensions, everything is happening in the NOW.

No time for procrastination. Either it'll work or not.⠀ ⠀

At the end of the day, the Soul is only after the lessons, growth and expansion.

We're on the brink of extinction so if that happens, what's the point of accumulating all your material stuff?

And I'm not saying you should live like the monks now. NO! That's not what I mean.⠀

We're here also to enjoy the material world but not be consumed by it.

After all, we're here to manifest and create things into reality.

It's time to stop waiting for the environment and circumstances to be right before you take action.

There's really no time to waste because each day is passing by sooooooOoo quickly.⠀

πŸ’ƒAnd the truth is, our time here in this physical body has an expiration date. 

Although we don't know when but it's a sure thing for everyone.

As Mother Earth raises her frequency, so must we and that means we really must let go of what's holding us back.

That's presented to us as challenges and lessons we must learn.

Those who wish to take their own sweet time, will transit and move on to another realm where time is much slower.⠀

Those of us who are still here have chosen to be part of this accelerated evolution.

We're part of the change and we're the chosen ones.

So stop waiting for someone to appoint you to lead.

It's YOU!⠀

🀝Let's answer the call and raise to the occasion.⠀

We can do this together and evolve to the next level of evolution without going extinct!⠀

© The Woman of Influence by Elyse-Anne ♥ Become the Woman You've Always Wanted to Be

You know you've gifts and talents that can make a difference in the world. You know you're here for a reason so it's time to get your name out there and stop being God's best secret.

The world needs you to be you. You're worth Millions and Millions more!

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