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How to Manifest Money Right Now

 Once in a while, I open a thread in my Instagram account - The Woman of Influence, to do Soul Energy Alignment Reading. And this week, the theme seems to be on financial abundance.

So, I decided to address this topic today. Please note that I'm not a financial advisor so whatever I'm saying now, take it with a pinch of salt and seek professional advice if you need to.

What I'll be sharing with you is how I personally manifest money to pay my bills on time and fund my dreams.

The way I'm doing it makes no logical sense to the mind and I cannot explain to you the technical terms the way money is showing up for me.

All I can say is that the WOO-WOO stuff works!

Before I go on to tell you about my personal methods, I would also like to share with you what I know for sure that doesn't work.

I've gone through many ups and downs with money. I was broke like hell - like having 50 cents in my bank account and banks howling at my door everyday to making 6 figures in a year.

Just want you know that I've been through the spectrum.

When I had money, I would worry that the money would be depleted and I was so scared of spending even 1 cent because I was worried that it won't show up again.

When I don't have the money, I was obviously super worried that I'll be in trouble.

So I realised that with or without money, I was equally scared, worried and paranoid. Money has held me hostage.

This was absolutely no way to live!

In a nut shell, I was worshipping money and have made money the source to my happiness, freedom and most of all - GOD!

I know in theory that money comes from God through people. I know that!

Now, I must experience it.

In order for me to experience this and know this in every cell and fibre of my body, I need to do life another way.

I needed to test the Universe if this hypothesis was true!

YES! It maybe true for others but I don't seem to believe it's true for me.

I needed prove and have evidence that I don't need to struggle and trust the Universe has got my back!

First of all, worrying is a habit. I had to kick the habit of worrying. Most of the things that you worry about, won't happen at all!

I became friends with FEAR. I sat it down and talked to it like a long lost friend.

There's no way I can get rid of fear so might as well get to know it. I wanted to get to the root cause of the fear.

The lack of money is an effect. So change the cause and you'll change the effect.

See, our brains are wired to avoid pain. We know that money is good cognitively but unconsciously we're repelling money for the fear of something bad that might happen.

I don't want you to use your logical mind to look for the cause because most of the time the cause is illogical.

I know I want to be rich and abundant but somehow I kept wanting to spend the money and go back to almost nothing.

That was my default setting.

So it doesn't matter how much money I was making, I was still broke at the end of the month!

After some digging, I discovered that I related money to my mother who I've judged as manipulative, controlling and money faced!

Of course! I don't want to be any of that to that so I unconsciously repelled money!


My family has always been fighting over money and another part of me feels that money is the cause to all the trouble, so if I wanted peace, then I can't have money!

There was another piece to me not allowing myself to charge my worth.

I felt that if I took money from my clients, I would have be their slave and would need to betray my dignity just to please them.

Of course! The idea of betraying myself was like death so I self sabotaged myself.

Ok! So I hope this gives you an idea of what you need to work on to discover what's really holding you back from manifesting the money right now.

If you have a problem, the solution already exist at the same time.

I believe that Money is one of the best spiritual teacher because it shows you exactly where you are. 

The amount of money in your bank account doesn't lie even if you want to lie to yourself that you've got everything under control.

And you can't lie to yourself how you really feel about money.

If you need a certain amount of money to pay your bills, the money is already here.

You can't see it or receive it yet because you're on a different channel.

Fear and worry is on the wrong channel.

So what else can you do besides worrying? Isn't it normal to worry?

I totally understand.

But fear and worry only pushes the money further away from you.

The reason why you've fear and worry is because you're not accepting it and you're hoping for a different reality.

When you accept it as the truth, fear and worry would disappear and when you can also love the situation, you'll be blessed with peace.

Peace is in the same frequency as LOVE.

When you're at this frequency, miracles will start to show up.

I don't know what will happen but all I know is that the minute you decide to give up that control and let the Universe take over, the problem is already solved.

You need to give the Universe a chance to work on your behalf!

Ask yourself :

  • Who must you be to have attracted this situation to you?
  • What do I need to learn from this experience?

This is where the past will serve you well. History will repeat itself if we don't learn from it.

Don't feel bad because this is part of growing up and raising our own consciousness.

Who you were yesterday isn't the same as who you are today. So you'll be naturally making different decisions.

In order for you to manifest money right now, you must believe that money is already here. 

This is where we need to let go of our 5 senses and use our other senses to see this as a current reality.

We must also let go of our linear time concept as the Universe doesn't operate in our timing.

Your job right now is to channel all your energy and focus on the reality you desire to experience. Your job is to tune out everything that tells you otherwise.

Your job is to hold onto feeling of already having it and ignoring the voice of your ego.
Your job is to visualise the vision and allow the vision to inspire you into taking action.

Your job is to turn your back away from lack and walk towards abundance.
Your job is to believe that God wants to you have Her kingdom more than you want it yourself.

Your job is to trust that it's already done!

It does takes the same energy to manifest a parking lot or $10,000 or $1 million. It really does!

So, it's really up to our willingness and readiness to receive the abundance right now.

One last thing I needed to eradicate was the idea that I needed to work or trade time for money.

So my mantra is...

" I get paid handsomely by being me."

The idea that you need to do something to get something is keeping you in the rut. That's why we keep ourselves so busy hopefully money will show up.

Instead of trying to do something to exchange for money, why not try doing this.


Be still that know that I AM God.

Last but not the least, we shouldn't put the Universe in a box. Abundance can show up is any shape, size or form.

There was a time, when I decided that money can only show up in the form of clients and the more I tried to sell, the worse it became.

Money can flow to us effortlessly when we stop judging money.

Money is currency and currency is energy and we attract what we radiate. 

Because the energy I was sending out was desperate energy and to be honest, I just wanted the money  to pay my bills and since that was the dominate energy of "I don't have", that was what was reflected back to me.

That's why the latest business model that I've adopted is the WIN-WIN-WIN business model, which I'll be talking more about it in the 3 day LA event - Evolved Entrepreneurs. Aligned Business.

Basically, don't sell for the sake of selling. When you put something out there, it needs to benefit not only you, the client and also the good of all.

Eg: My daughter wanted to start a business selling SLIME! I said NO. Because it's harmful to the environment. And has long term repercussions. It's made up of chemicals and the smell is harmful to the brain.

So, if you need money, just be honest and tell the Universe you need this sum of money and let the solution flow to you.

Don't beat around the bush as you're sending out mixed signals to the Universe.

Last month, I needed to pay for my children's art class. And the sum I needed showed up in my mailbox.

If you don't worry about money not showing up, it'll show up because there's no resistance in receiving the money.

The more you worry, the longer time it takes because you're actually stalling time.

Look back at all your problems in the past, don't you think they worked out on it's own? And didn't you worry for nothing?

  • Who must you become to experience an abundant life?
  • What stories do you need to let go off?
  • What if you kicked the habit of worrying and adopt the habit of allowing?
  • How would life change for you?

Everything you desire is already here in the NOW. Because there's only NOW. 

All possibilities exist only in the now. It's up to you which frequency you choose that determines the outcome.

If you're tried worrying then why not try the other way?

Let go and surrender.

I also got really honest and asked myself, why do I really want all the money and become a millionaire?

The answer I got was security. 

Is it really true that money can give me the security I desire? Or is this another mind trap?

If it's security that I desire to feel, then I can feel security right now without any external sources.

When the internal is healthy, the external will reflect that and the Universe has no choice but to offer that experience to me right now.

As within, so without.

Financial freedom is knowing how to manifest money as and when I desire, and it's not by hoarding the money in the bank account.

If you cannot enjoy the money, then you're still a slave to it. What's the point of living then?

It's time to end the struggle, let money serve your highest desires and enjoy your earthly experience.

The Universe doesn't give you what you want. The Universe gives you what you believe you deserve.

What do you believe you deserve?

I'll end with an action step.

Write down the amount that you need by the end of the month on a post it pad and stick it on your bathroom mirror.

Look at it in the morning when you brush your teeth and before you go to bed at night.

Feel the emotions of receiving it while you're brushing your teeth,

Look at it every time you're in the bathroom.

Don't over think it. Go ahead and enjoy the rest of your day.

This is what I would write:

"I don't know how it's going to happened but I'm so happy and grateful to receive $xxx by 31st October 2018."

Remember, your job is to override your other 5 senses and see that the money is already in your possession and focus on it feels to have it right now.

How the money shows up, it's none of business.

Alrighty! Happy manifesting.

Until next time!

I am Elyse-Anne.

© The Woman of Influence ● Remember Who You Truly Are, Design a Soul Fulfilling Life and Live Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

All articles are personally written by Elyse-Anne, the founder of TheWomanofInfluence.com. Unless otherwise stated.

Ooooh! Please excuse any grammar or spelling errors and let us know if you find any.


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