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The Benefits of Failure - J.K Rowling

I believe when one woman becomes successful, that means that success is available to the rest of us.

The problem is that most people give up either too quickly or easily.


Because they're not committed to their dream. Their dream and vision doesn't light them up.

The truth is we think all we want is the money and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle. But if that's what we wanted, we'll all be skinny billionairess by now.

Those of us of have the privilege of giving birth will know that no sane woman would choose to put herself if so much pain and have her down there cut open unless it's for LOVE!

When I was going through an emotional economic downturn years ago, I stalked almost every successful woman.

I watched their youtube videos and read their biography. I wanted to know if they too had gone through shit in the fan moments like me.

And if they can get themselves out the rabbit hole, that means it was possible for me too!

One of the woman I stalked was J.K. Rowling.

She's the woman behind the mega brand - Harry Potter!

Her real name is Joanne and K mean Kathleen, her grandmother.

Her publisher didn't want the boys to know that the series were written by a woman so they asked her to give herself a pen name.

Before she became THE J.K. Rowling, she almost homeless single mom, jobless and suffered major depression.

At that point, all her fears had been realised and so she decided to complete the only one thing she was good at - write.

The idea of the book came to her when she was on a train and she scribbled the idea on a piece of napkin.

Shall we say... the rest was history?

Did she know that this would have gotten so big?

A little voice told her that if she could get this published, it would be wild!

She didn't expect success. All she did was to do what she loved and allowed the light to guide her and took the next step and the next step.

She didn't give up on her dreams even though there were so many publishers that said NO to her.

What would have happened if she gave up so quickly?

YES! She'll not have the success but more so, the world will never have benefited from this.

So, it's your duty to share your gifts to the world.

I believe all the NOs is the Universe's way of testing to see how serious you are and also to build up our character.

I also believe the bigger the fall, the bigger the success. There's always a breakdown before a breakthrough.

Now enjoy her speech at Harvard. She was not only funny but she gave very practical advice on how to handle FEAR.

See... even successful people feel the fear but they do it anyway.


© The Woman of Influence by Elyse-Anne


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